Hong Kong - ArtisTree - TaiKoo Place May 2013
Hong Kong - ArtisTree - TaiKoo Place May 2013
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Down The Rabbit Hole, "TAXI" says Alice


Amy Chueng Wan Man



  • Ashes unto Pearl
The 3rd Guangzhou Triennale, ChinaAshes unto Pearl
The 3rd Guangzhou Triennale, China


  • Devil's Advocate: A Song and a Landscape
Star Fairy: Hong Kong in Venice, Hong Kong
The 52nd Venice Biennale, Italy
Reversing Horizons, MoCA Shanghai, China


  • Atom Ocean
Artist-in-Neighborhood, Hong Kong

  • A Bleeding Toy from Childhood, 
Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

  • Project Big Bang, 
Hong Kong

  • Zero Anchor Zero Territories: Contemporary Art from Taiwan & Hong Kong, 
Hong Kong and Taiwan


  • Down the rabbit hole, ‘TAXI’ says Alice 
Parasite Art Spaces, Hong Kong
, The 2nd Guangzhou Triennale, China

  • Ivory Parables amid an Amnesiac's Skin 
Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong

  • Crime and Punishment
 RE:Wanchai, International Artists Workshop, Hong Kong

  • If Hong Kong, a woman/traveler 
1aspace, Hong Kong

  • Complexity of Life
, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museums and South-Karelia Art Museum, Finland


  • Nasubi Gallery Project
, Mori Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

  • Down the rabbit hole, ‘TAXI ’says Alice
, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  • Blue, indefinitive portraiture and the betweens
, Gertrude Street Contemporary Art Spaces, Australia


  • Spring Exhibition
, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

  • Open studio Gjestatelier
, Vadso Gjestatelier Finnmark, Norway

  • Physics of the wonderland, 
Hong Kong Art Biennale, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

  • Dialogue
, The Third International Experimental Performance Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • Untitled (The Population)
, Kaohsiung Container Arts Festival, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

  • Remaking the character, the game and the horror elements, 
A.K.T.III Between Fiction & Reality, International Performance Festival, Brno, Czech Republic

  • Space Sofa Voyager 3000
, Theatre Ensemble & Leisure and Culture Services Department, Hong Kong

  • Untitled (The Population), 
Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

  • Physics of the wonderland, 
Chateau de La Napoule, France


 Polarflex, Aroma Project Space, Berlin, Germany

  • Tracce di un seminario, 
Viafarini Contemporary Art Centre, Milan, Italy

  • Pillowhead
, Maneage Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg, Russia

  • Two Minute A Woman
, The Portobello Film Festival , London, United Kingdom

  • Birth of Pillowhead
, Brrr Live Art International Performance Festival, Porto, Portugal

  • Tourism on cloud should be prohibited
, San Francesca Church, Italy

  • Attack sugar planet
, The 3rd international Festival of Experimental & Performance Art, Russia

  • Studio Air
, Helsinki 2000, European City of Culture Program, Finland


  • Slurps! 
Forum Box Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

  • Freelance Gallery Tram
, City Festival, Hong Kong

  • Nasubi Gallery Project
, Cities on the Move, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland

  • Misled
, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, United Kingdom

  • In awhile the crocodile, 
Marseille en Juin, France


  • Frozen dislocated shocket plug-ged away home precise warmth
 new contemporaries, Camden Art Center, London, United Kingdom

  • 72 hours sound & vision. Made in Hong Kong (30/6/1997-2/7/1997)
, Media. Art. Project., Amos Anderson Museum, Helsinki, Finland

  • Basketball
, Hiding Behind the Sofa, Perma Art Centre, Gloucester, England


Amy Cheung - Devil's Advocate, 
An extensive record of artist Amy Cheung’s works, 1997 - 2007, 
Published by: 
Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg